Tuesday, September 26

Gray Kitty

This is the newest addition to out family:) He is five months old and super cute. We picked him up from the Humane Society tonight after he got fixed. He purrs like crazy and is super cuddly. He likes to play in his water before he drinks it. Hopefully he and Blue get along well:)

We don't have a name for him yet...any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 20


From Blue
This is Blue. He is a year and a half old, purebread chocolate lab. He likes to go for rides. Everytime I let him outside he runs straight to the back of my car, ready to load up. The other day he did that and I figured that I should take him for a ride. When we got home I tried to get him to get out, but he wouldn't. So I left the car door open for him. After about an hour I figured that it was time to lure him out of my car with lunch.
The bummer part about Blue is he barks when we leave him. I wasn't wanting to get a bark collar for him, but I think that we might have to do that. Oddly enough my new neighbors don't really appreciate barking dogs...

Wednesday, September 13

the problem

have you ever been upset with the world around you? all the people you know just don't seem to be quite what you had hoped that they would be? or maybe life just isn't going in the direction that you thought it should be and you are not happy?

i have felt that way for most of my life.

it dawned on me this morning (although i think it was building to this for a long time). maybe i am the problem in my life. maybe i need to work on getting the log out of my eye so that i can see the world clearly. maybe i need to work on changing my perspective and becoming a better woman, wife, friend, employee and housewife.

i am going to finish my Bible study and then go workout.