Sunday, December 10


I got this baby at an estate sale this morning. We saw it yesterday and I briefly looked at it because I didn't think that my husband would let me buy another sewing machine since I already have two. On our way out I asked how much they wanted for it and they told me $45. I thought it was really cool, but didn't really want to spend that much for another sewing machine. On the way home I was commenting on how cool it was and that it was sad that this lady's kids didn't want it. My husband told me he was surprised that I didn't buy it. (He has a thing for vintage things, houses, vehicles, chainsaws, etc...) After we got home I decided that I did want it so I went to the ATM and headed back over, but they had closed for the day. I spent the rest of the evening searching on the internet to find information about this brand.

Post WW II they were manufactured by the Consolidated Sewing Machine Corporation in Japan. I couldn't find much more than that on this specific brand, but I did learn that many sewing machines were manufactured in that era and "branded" with many different names. They were well built. This particular model has 21 different stitches, and sews in reverse. It also does buttons and button holes. I am super excited to try this baby.

We went and got it on our way to church this morning and they had marked it down to $25, which is what I wanted to pay for it. I was giddy with excitement all the way to church and through church, waiting to get it home and look at it. I even used words that are not normally in my vocabulary to describe my excitement. I told my husband that it is "the bomb". He thinks that I am crazy!

So I got home and had him bring it inside for me, cause it weighs about 40 pounds or so. I set it up and tipped it open to look in the bottom of the case to see if there were any extra bobbins or feet. All that was inside was a roll of $20's!!!

I am one blessed Child of God. Thank you Lord!!!

Monday, December 4

This is a baby blanket that I finished about a month ago. It is for a friend of my husband's new baby girl. Her name is Claire Elizabeth and has the most gorgeous head of hair ever. It was an absolute joy to create this for them.