Wednesday, May 10

Too Tall

Ever since I could remember I wanted to marry a tall guy. The taller the better, I thought. I have a lot of girlfriends who are tall, around 6'. They did not like the idea that I was looking in their "pool" of guys that were taller than them.

I did end up marrying a tall guy. My husband is 6'5". Thirteen inches taller than me. I am 5'4". When I buy pants I have to either hem them up or roll them up. There is no such thing as "too short" in my pants world.

There is in my husbands'. For some odd reason he can find jeans that are long enough, but not pants. He does not like to wear pants, so he only has one pair. He is starting his new job tomorrow and they are "business casual". His new boss told him that jeans are acceptable, but most people wear slacks in the office.

We went to the local D&B to find him some pants, because that is where he finds his long jeans. They don't have pants. So, off to the mall we go, much to my husbands dismay. While walking in he told me that this is ending a very long retreat from the mall. We went to just about all the department stores. Nothing. They point us to the big and tall section. My husband is tall, not big. The big and tall section is mostly just big, so no luck. We FINALLY found a pair his size, on clearance. That was happy! So now we own two pairs of pants that don't look like highwaters.

I guess there are some benefits to being short. I can buy just about any pair of pants I want.

Saturday, May 6

Pretty Flowers

One more week and I will be done with this semester! Yaye! I have lots of things that I want to do this summer:
Organize my house -when we got married we both had way too much junk and now we really have way too much junk. It is hard to keep clean because there really isn't a place for everything.
Lift weights -I used work out faithfully, but I fell out of the habit.
Mountain Bike -there are lots of fun places around here to go and I want to make use of them while we live here.
Sew -I have tons of sewing projects. I want to make a duvet cover and curtains for our bed room.
Spend lots of quality time with Jesus -this one is probably self-explanitory.
Go on fun vacations/camping trips.
Take lots of good pictures.
I better get back to studying!