Tuesday, July 31

Kitchen Makeover!



On Saturday afternoon S came in from working outside and said to me "It is too hot to keep working outside. Let's do something inside." I said, "Great, let's paint the kitchen."

So I prepped the kitchen, while he went to the garage and got the paint that we bought almost a year ago to paint the kitchen.

My kitchen is now a lovely yellow, Bee, from Sherwin-Williams. I think it is the happiest kitchen ever!! My plan is to have a coffee theme. I have been browsing the stores to find fun coffee themed wall hangings, but so far I haven't found any that I really like. I have one window in my kitchen and am going to make half curtains for it. We got some coffee bean bags from the local roaster that have fun designs on them. I am going to use them to make my curtains. S is going to make a curtain rod out of 1/2" conduit and steel strapping.

I have always admired my friends kitchens that have a definite theme. I am so looking forward to getting mine all finished.

Monday, July 30

Today's Harvest

I harvested this from my garden this morning. My neighbors will be happy!