Monday, July 31

My Weekend

A friend from work loaned me series 1-4 of the Gilmore Girls about two weeks ago. I have been watching them every spare minute that I have. My husband will sit down with me and watch a bit and then move on to more exciting things. He has been giving me a hard time about watching them so much and how they are kind of silly. It all changed, however, when he walked in as one episode was concluding and he started to whistle along with the theme song...

Friday, July 28

Happy Friday!

my husband and i are going camping this my favorite mountains. i want to go hiking and take lots of pictures. we haven't been camping all summer which is really sad. we used to go all the time. i don't know why we have been so busy, but this is the only weekend left in the summer that we can go. i am looking forward to campfire and marshmallows. i remember one time when my friend (of the same name:)) and i decided that we wanted to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. so we grabed some marshmallows from the store and headed out of town to find a suitable place to have our fire. i remember there were swings there, so we swang and then roasted. the funny thing is that neither one of us really liked marshmallows. i have gotten more fond of them as i get older. much like coffee, but that is another story:)

Monday, July 17

Fuzzy Kitty 2004-2006

My little Fuzzy kitty got hit by a car on Friday night and did not make it. I miss him lots. He was a very special kitty to us. We got him on the day that I had a miscarriage. Actually it started right as we were taking him home from the humaine society. It was almost like God had given him to us to fill the hole that was left when we lost our first child. That night was horrible. I was on the floor screaming in pain and he and my husband were right there making sure that every thing was okay.

As the Fuzzy got older he became more loving. This past week Scott has been gone for work in Wyoming (he comes back 7/21). The Fuzzy has been snuggling me at night so that I would not be lonely. He would normally get up about 4:30 and want out, but since Scott has been gone he has slept in. We would both wake up and he way lay there and let me pet him and talk to him about my day.

His favorite toy was a stick. He would chase it for hours and hours. About a month ago we had some friends over that had very energetic little boys. They played stick with Fuzzy to the point where he was totaly exhausted. He would just colapse on the ground and pant like a dog with his tongue out and mouth open. It was so cute.

I have so many more stories about the Fuzz, but I think that I will save them for later. I will miss him tons. Thank you Fuzzy Kitty for loving us...