Saturday, February 25

a year ago

A year ago today was the last day that I spent with my grandma. She passed away the next morning around 2am. My dad, mom, uncle and I were all with her when she took her last breath. It was an experience that I will never forget. My grandma was 95 years old when she went to be with her savior.

As we were preparing for her funeral I was looking through a trunk that had her things in it. I found some poems that she had written. Those poems were such gifts to us. One of then was perfect for the funeral program.

I Thank Thee by Mabel Austin

I thank Thee, Lord, that I may be
A servant unto Thee.
I'll serve with never titing hands
The One who died for me.

And as I rise to greet each day,
I will my Master seek
And pray that He will choose my tasks
And direct my erring feet.

To do His bidding without fail
And from sinful acts refrain
But pledge my life to His desires
To help His kingdom reign.

And oh how great will be my pay
If when beyond these earthly tasks
I'm privileged still to serve my Lord
When Zion dawns at last.

Isn't life crazy? I have often found my self wondering what the meaning of life is during the last year and a half. It seems so crazy that I am here, doing my thing while other people are at the end or just starting their lives. I am excited that God has me here right now, because I know that it is His perfect timing. It is awesome to know that He is using my life for His glory and that He used my grandma's life for His glory as well. I feel blessed to have such an awesome legacy. I only hope that I can live up to the standard that my grandma set. She was such an amazing woman.

I know that this subject doesn't really go with the title of my blog, but it is what is currently on my heart. I promise that I will have happy posts soon:)

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melissa said...

blogs don't have to always be happy. even happy people are serious or melancholy or silly.

thank you for a beautiful post. your grandma's poem convicts me to be more diligent and obedient to God.