Thursday, March 2

happy birthday gampa

Today would have been my grandpa's 91st birthday. Last year I sent him a brithday card. In the card I told him how Jesus loved him more than anyone else ever has or ever will and that Jesus loved him so much that he willingly died on the cross to pay the payment for his sins. I knew that even if it didn't all make sense to him my mom was over visiting and she could answer his questions. He did have some questions, but on March 5, 2005 at 90 years old he confessed that Jesus was God and asked Him to forgive him from all of his sins. Praise the Lord that He revealed Himself to my grandpa when He did!! My grandpa died two weeks later, March 18, 2005 (on my birthday). He was heading a committe meeting in his community. He was still very active, living with my gammie on their own. He walked every day.

On a happier note, I took a heat transfer test last Friday that was super hard. I walked away from the test wondering if I should drop the class. When I got my test back yesterday I thought that I had gotten the wrong one! I earned an 80%!!!! I know it is barely a B, but I was thrilled!!! I never would have guessed that I had done that well. I know that there were lots of people praying for me. God is good! All the time God is good!

Are there any rules about blogging? Do you just ramble on about whatever you feel like, or do you sit down and write a rough draft before you post? Anyone have any suggestions for me? I would love to hear them!


melissa said...

just write about what you want to write about. if you want to make a rough draft you can. sometimes i think about what i want to write a bit before i actually do. i also think it's good to stick with one, maybe two topics at a time. if you think of something else you want to say, you can make a new entry--even if it is more than one entry per day. helps keep the topics closer to the title. you're doin' great!

happygirl said...

thanks for the help melissa. i am finding that i either have nothing to write about, or all kinds of things. i should probably try to make them shorter. i know i don't like to read really long posts, generally.