Saturday, May 6

Pretty Flowers

One more week and I will be done with this semester! Yaye! I have lots of things that I want to do this summer:
Organize my house -when we got married we both had way too much junk and now we really have way too much junk. It is hard to keep clean because there really isn't a place for everything.
Lift weights -I used work out faithfully, but I fell out of the habit.
Mountain Bike -there are lots of fun places around here to go and I want to make use of them while we live here.
Sew -I have tons of sewing projects. I want to make a duvet cover and curtains for our bed room.
Spend lots of quality time with Jesus -this one is probably self-explanitory.
Go on fun vacations/camping trips.
Take lots of good pictures.
I better get back to studying!

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Sara said...

best coffee shop in boise, well not really boise, but eagle idaho is rembrandts on eagle road. its in an old church building. its a sweet place that i sometimes wanna drive a long distance just to go find some peace & quiet & good coffee.