Saturday, June 3


I got to babysit my niece on Thursday. It was my sister's birthday, so she and her husband went out to dinner. They had a nice time and so did I. We crawled around the living room for most of the evening. Kaitlynn has a ladybug that plays songs when you push it's feet. She really liked him. So did I because it captured her attention and she wasn't trying to run into the fireplace hearth or down the stairs. Watching an 8 month old is a lot of work!

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melissa said...

mine is 7-months-old, going on 8-months-old by June 27th. she's not crawling yet, just rolling around and rotating 360 degrees. she wants to crawl and when she gets frustrated with not being able to move directly forward, she lifts both her arms and legs up in the air--as if she can supernaturally lift her tummy as well and fly.

still in the adoption process.
will know more by mid july.