Friday, July 28

Happy Friday!

my husband and i are going camping this my favorite mountains. i want to go hiking and take lots of pictures. we haven't been camping all summer which is really sad. we used to go all the time. i don't know why we have been so busy, but this is the only weekend left in the summer that we can go. i am looking forward to campfire and marshmallows. i remember one time when my friend (of the same name:)) and i decided that we wanted to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. so we grabed some marshmallows from the store and headed out of town to find a suitable place to have our fire. i remember there were swings there, so we swang and then roasted. the funny thing is that neither one of us really liked marshmallows. i have gotten more fond of them as i get older. much like coffee, but that is another story:)

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