Wednesday, March 22


I got a job yesterday. Not just any job, but a way awesome job! I am going to be a barista for a Christian coffee shop/bookstore. I had an interview yesterday and she hired me on the spot. I am excited to work in a Christian enviroment that has a ministry focus. They have a great location, so hopefully it will draw people who need Jesus. I pray that the Lord would use me to minister to those who need my gifts.


melissa said...

that is SO awesome! congratulations! you'll have to keep us updated on how it goes. maybe even take a picture of the espresso machinery and how the place looks. :)

melissa said...

so dude... the point of comments is to check and see if anyone left any for you. and then you either comment to your comments like a conversation... or you write a new entry! oh... and i need to still email you back, sorry!