Wednesday, April 12

Red Letter Cafe

I've been training for my new job this past week. There are about twenty employees that I will work with. The first day of training we all shared a little about us and why we wanted to work there. It was so neat to hear how God had drawn each and every person personally to this place. Everyone is so excited to serve Him!! It is going to be an awesome work enviroment.

We are not only doing coffee, but we are going to have this awesome tea. I like tea, but this stuff is amazing! We are also going to do sandwiches, salads, soups, pastries, muffins, pizza's and gelato. All of the food, except the gelato, will be made from scratch daily. I am working evenings so I won't be part of the baking:(

It is so awesome to be working as a part of a ministry. All of our profit will go to missions. It will be so nice to feel free to share the love of Christ with customers and not be worried that my boss won't like it.

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