Monday, April 17

He Has Risen!

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Every year Easter is more meaningful to me. It completely amazes me what Jesus did for me. I have a hard time comprehending the enormity of it. Easter to me is filled with awe and wonderment. I spent all day kind of floating around in a cloud just pondering what we celebrate.

My pastor spoke on Ressurection Life. He talked about how we are so wretched, no matter how good we are. It was a lesson that I needed to hear. I have been a Christian since I was 4. My first memory is asking Jesus into my heart, so I don't know what life is like without Him. It is sometimes hard to see myself as that wretched creature that I was, since I was so little. It is good to be reminded that I am only the way that I am today because of what He has done in my life. Thank You, Jesus for dying on the cross so that I might have life in You!

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