Thursday, August 3

Our First House

This is our first house. We sign papers today and get keys tomorrow! The important statistics are:
772 square feet
2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
.17 acres
irrigation water
garden space
oversized single car detached garage
large concrete driveway
storage shead
big mature trees
mature landscaping
on a circle drive (no thru traffic).

A friend of ours gave us a wood burning stove for the living room, with the pad that it sits on. So we can finally have wood heat. That is so exciting!!!

Right now it has carpet in it, but under the carpet hides hardwood flooring. Right after we get the keys on Friday we are going to tear out the carpet and see what shape the hardwood flooring is in. It looks like it has been painted from the corners that we were able to peak at. I am not sure if they painted the whole floor or if they just got a little carried away with the trim paint. I have secured a floor sander for Saturday so that we can get right to work.

After we finish the floor we will move onto painting the interior. (I thought it makes more sense to do the paint first, but since sanding the floor will create so much dust it is best to do that first and then wash the walls to prep for paint then to get dust all over fresh paint, cause you can't wash it for a few weeks.) I am so not a color person and we are really struggling with color choice. Right now we are leaning toward a light tan for the living room and bedrooms. Maybe a blue shade for the kitchen and green for the bathroom. Any thoughts?


melissa said...

i am SO unimpressed with your color choices. what ever happened to blue and yellow? *wink* *wink*
a gray-blue and a mild goldish/orangish yellow would look great in one room (as long as the yellow isn't so yellow that it affects the lighting of your room, whether there's a light on or not). think blue on one wall, yellow on two to three of the other walls.

i would totally hook you up with interior decorating ideas along with colors for painting if i were there.

CONGRATS!!!! on the new house. what a milestone! i'm completely jealous.

happygirl said...

a large portion of my color choices were limited by my husband's pickyness. he is not a fan of anything in the red family or yellow family. i was able to convince him last night that a yellow kitchen would be so great:) he has also decided that a red front door would not be the end of the world. we are getting a new dark grey/black roof tomorrow and i want to paint the house an americana theme. dark blue with white trim and red accents. i have always wanted an american flag out front, so we will have to do that soon.

i better stop, i am starting to write a blog entry here...

thank you for your congratulations. you have a pretty important milestone yourself! i am praying that everything goes well with her and checking your site reguarly to see if there is any news:)

jbug said...

this is cute! i can't wait to see it all in real life, and by then i'm sure you'll have all kinds of work put into it ; ) it's gonna be great, you're amazing!