Tuesday, September 26

Gray Kitty

This is the newest addition to out family:) He is five months old and super cute. We picked him up from the Humane Society tonight after he got fixed. He purrs like crazy and is super cuddly. He likes to play in his water before he drinks it. Hopefully he and Blue get along well:)

We don't have a name for him yet...any suggestions?


jbug said...

what a lovely family u all r building. i can't wait for the Christmas family photo, I hope all are included ; )

a name: how about

Purrr-due : )or

Ben Pur, he he he

ooh, ooh to go with Blue, you could have


I'm on a roll.

Thanks so much for your response to my blog. It was very much needed and appreciated.

melissa said...

it's probably late and you've probably already decided. but here are my ideas:

rhiley. c-fer (c for cat).